Friday, May 5, 2017

Vancouver Sustainability Conference 2017

Vancouver Sustainability Conference 2017 volunteer at Eric Hamber Secondary School with students from other different schools who I worked with.

  • Getting all the atendees in line to sign in and make name tags for them.

  • Trying to get everyone to write something on these
  • "What issues in sustainability do you think needs more attention?"
       -  composting, ethical food source, water, energy production, oceanwise, climate change

  • "What does sustainability mean to you?"

- to think about the future, ensuring that future generations have the opportunity to survive and thrive on our planet

- led the atendees from the gym to the auditorium where the leaders of the activity talked about sustainability

- helped with handing out sandwiches to the atendees which I enjoyed a lot because I got to talk to some of them and I enjoyed the fact that people kept coming to my station so I was the first one who ran out of sandwiches to give.

  • UBC people talking about their projects

I enjoyed gaining a new experience, and to be out on a pro-d day which was really helpful for other people like volunteering for instance. I also kind of made some friends, students from other different schools. I got to eat free cookies and sandwiches which was amazing. To be led by wonderful and friendly leaders like Celina and Lovely was amazing too!

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