Wednesday, June 14, 2017


this is how the game works: as we will be identifying species before playing this game, you will have an idea about the names of the species and a few facts about them. but for you to be more prepared for this game, players get 10 minutes to study/read the notes they need to know in order to answer the questions. we have a dice to roll and each player is to choose a number differently from the other from 1-4. and whoever chooses whatever number comes up, can either answer the question or give the opportunity to the other player to answer (if they answer incorrectly, they lose a point). first player that gets 3 points wins, UNLESS, the other player chooses #5 or #6. that player has the chance to eliminate the highest-scoring player if he/she answers the question correctly with an explanation. if they choose a number from 1-4, they more likely want to gain a point, but if they choose from numbers 5 & 6, they more likely want to eliminate a player . numbers 5 & 6 are only for elimination questions and requires explanation to prove the answer. players get hints too as their advantage. 1. a.) NAME TWO NATIVE SPECIES THAT YOU CAN SPOT IN CAMOSUN BOG b.) give two native species that grow fruits (names end with 'berry') 2. a.) Labrador tea plants are sometimes used as ______ for cough. b.) give one environment that native species are more likely to survive in 3. Name two invasive species you can spot in camosun bog 4. When sphagnum dies, it is called ________? 5. The camosun bog is likely to be compared to one specific object. What is this object and why is it being compared to this. 6. In 1929, something was installed that destroyed the sphagnum moss. Identify and explain why the sphagnum moss was destroyed by these. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HINTS: HINT: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ANSWERS: 1. a.) arctic star flower, sphagnum moss, etc. b.) cloudberry and bunchberry 2. a.) medicines b.) high water table 3. skunk cabbage and fern 4. peat 5. it is being compared to a cake and this is because new sphagnum grows right on top of the dead sphagnum. 6. drains were installed and these destroyed the sphagnum moss by reducing the water levels.

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