Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Here are your study questions, there will be a quiz next day. Each group will present on each topic.  Your presentation is out of 10 marks

3 marks:  you answered the question without any mistakes
2 marks:  you were clear and stayed on topic
2 marks:  each member of the group presented
2.5 marks: your group was VERY creative
.5 mark:  your group had OUTSTANDING creativity above and beyond

The questions:
1.  What is a virus and what is it made of?  Is a virus even alive?
2.  Describe the stages of the lytic cycle
3.  Describe the stages of the lysogenic cycle
4.  What are four examples of viruses that affect humans? Describe them
5.  What are three examples of viruses that affect non-humans?  Describe them
6.  What are our defenses against viruses?

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